July 21st, 2007


Made it ... whew.

I hear that Wales has been washed away from the UK, or at least cut off by the floorwaters.
Yesterday, we made it to Leicester unflooded, but the trip took far longer than expected. Left Glasgow at around 12:30, expecting to arrive around 4:30-5ish. All went smoothly while rwrylsin was driving, and we duly swapped over just south of Carlisle at 2ish. Still went ok until about 9 miles from Preston, at which point we reached a tailback - which reached all the way to Preston. We crawled on for the next 45 minutes, and finally reached the point where (apparently) three hours before there'd been an accident of some sort. Things eased up a little bit after that, but only for short stretches before the electronic signs by the road would again say "Caution - Queue ahead" and everything would grind to a halt. At some point we passed vaguely near Manchester, promptly gumming everything up again. Finally got moving a bit better, but of course then the rain was setting in - we got to the M6 toll at last, but the rain was so heavy that we couldn't reach our normal (*cough*rather zoomy*cough*) speeds. We eventually made it to the Teledu hotel at about 7:50, just in time to deliver our payload of space hoppers for the opening ceremony, and we haven't stepped out of doors since. Convention going well so far, now at the cabaret/LFF auction/extravaganza ...
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