August 29th, 2007


Moscow ...

Back from Moscow, and after 11 hours sleep, I'm feeling almost human again. My feet, calves and knees are quietly swearing in Biochemical at me, though, they seem to think we did too much walking while there.

Many photos to follow, but first - where in Moscow did I take these photos ?

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Edit(many hours later): Yes, yes, you're all very clever, they're from the Moscow Metro (Московский Метрополитен).
The first is from Komsomolskaya (Комсомольская), the other two from Mayakovskaya (Маяковская).
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Wow ...

rwrylsin and I have had a very strong "looking-like-we-know-where-we-are-going" aura for a while now. We've been asked for directions in San Francisco, London, Glasgow (before we lived here), Edinburgh, Prague, Berlin, Melbourne, and many other places besides.
But now ... now I think it's turning into a superpower. We were walking from Chekhovskaya station back to our hotel on Monday night, and someone came up to us and, I'm guessing, asked for directions. I'm guessing because, you know, he was speaking Russian, but when I shrugged and looked ignorant he wandered on. But not only that, he was wearing a uniform - army or police of some sort, the sort we'd been seeing people wearing around the city quite a bit (including the seemingly-oversized hat). So there we were, two Australians who live in Scotland, asked for directions in Moscow by a Russian soldier(/policeman) !
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