October 10th, 2007


Oh, the drama !

I may be going slightly mad. When I was at primary school (*mumble* years ago), we occasionally had drama classes. I can't remember much about any performances we did, but I do remember that we set up scenes using "drama blocks", large (to a primary schooler) blocks covered in a red carpet-y surface, which could be stacked and rearranged as required. I think they came in two sizes, one was about person-sized, another about half that, and usually had handle-slots at each end.
So, prompted by random curiosity, I tried seeing if such things were still around, and available online, but I've completely failed to find any trace of them, or even an image.
Does anyone remember them or know of them ? Are they peculiar to Australia ? Or some particular part of Australia ? Are they known by some other name ? My curiosity demands satisfaction.
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