January 15th, 2008


2008 ...

So, once again, I'm starting the year with no resolutions as such, but we do have some Plans.
The big one is China - three weeks in August, including some of the Olympics. Possibly the craziest Plan ever, but it should be fun too. In preparation for this plan, I need to dust off my Chinese and get to the point where I can at least hold basic conversations again, and ideally read simple signs and instructions.
Fencing, of course - a number of competitions on my calendar, so I want to keep up my current training plan - Thursday night at our local club, then Monday night one week at the other local club, Tuesday night in the alternate weeks at an Edinburgh club. In between, we should get to the gym once or twice a week - we managed 50 visits to the gym last year, and didn't have too many completely lazy periods.

I should note that Saturday was a very good weekend day - lazy started, sorted the shopping, had lunch, then went for a little drive through the Fintry hills, which had been turned into a winter wonderland by frost and fog (and the occasional small patch of snow). Ended up at Doune castle, tooks some photos there in the fading light, and then headed on home, to a lazy evening with a very nice dinner of roast lamb and potatoes, and almost half a bottle of wine. Just about perfect, really (didn't quite make the original plan of driving to Slochd ski centre, where they have cross-country ski trails, because when I called them earlier in the day they recommended against it - apparently they had a base layer of ice with very little snow on top).

Finally, my iPod now looks like this.
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