February 4th, 2008


Monday update ...

Flew to London on Saturday - it was the smoothest airport experience I've had in ages, no queueing to drop my bag off (after using online checkin), no queue at security, didn't even have to remove my boots.
Made my way to Rickmansworth via Heathrow Express and Underground, found the hotel, ate a very nice dinner, then went for a little wander around town. Very nice town indeed, as I walked around I was guessing that lots of the houses would be around the £1 million mark - and this was confirmed when I wandered past a couple of real estate agents a bit later.

I was there for the Slough Open (could possibly be renamed the "Random Wandering Fencing Tournament", since I don't think it's been in the same place twice). 112 fencers turned up on the day, at a very nice venue - the "Princess Marina Sports Hall" (no, really!) at the Royal Masonic School for Girls. I had a pretty good day - fenced well in the pool round, winning 5 bouts out of 6, which put me in 10th place for the DE. That gave me a bye through the round of 128, then I won the round of 64 bout fairly easily too. Unfortunately, my next opponent was very quick and good at defending, and I was a couple of hits behind all the way through the bout - finished at 12-15. Not a bad result, but not quite as good as last year's 15th place. I did get to confirm a suspicion I've had for a while, though - girls get better changing/shower facilities than guys.
After changing and leaving I had time to grab dinner, then make my way in a relaxed fashion back across London to Heathrow, and once again had a smooth run through the airport (minimal queueing, once again didn't need to remove my boots at security), and a pretty good flight home (only a slight delay). If only air travel was always that easy ...

Still, I have another chance for glory this weekend, rwrylsin and I are heading to Liverpool for the Merseyside Open (she's fencing Saturday, I'm on Sunday).
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