March 10th, 2008


Fencing update ...

On Saturday I was at the Edinburgh International Open[1]. Over the course of the week before Saturday I had all four of my epees develop problems (mostly broken wires), and when I sat down to rewire them on Friday evening, found that all three of my spare wires had dodgy insulation, which was breaking up in the process of simply straightening the wire before installing it. Not a good start, and by the end of Friday night I had one (1) working epee. I figured I'd take a chance on it working for the whole day, and amazingly, it did.
The fencing went fairly well - won 4 out of 5 bouts in the first round of pools (which was only used to seed people into the second round of pools), and won all five (some only just) in the second round, which had me seeded 4th into the DE. Won the first DE bout comfortably (apart from a little lapse from 7-2 to 7-6, but I refocused and finished it off 15-6). The next bout was against someone I'd never fought before, and it seems he quickly figured out the right approach to take against me - get one or two early hits, and then sit back and wait for me to try to attack. As a tall pommeller, that's probably my weakest area, since sitting back and waiting for attacking mistakes is normally my tactic. It worked well for him, and he won 15-10, leaving me in 10th place.
So, I have a mission now - get all my weapons working in time for the next one ! (Glasgow Open, 5th/6th April)

[1] The last few years, this has been an FIE Satellite tournament, which meant that a number of international fencers did come along, to try to get some of the FIE world ranking points on offer. This time it wasn't, so I suspect they called it "International" to try to attract a similar crowd. Unfortunately, it didn't, but I think it did scare away some of the local fencers who would normally turn up to a Scottish tournament - only 35 entries, although probably a higher quality field than normal for a Scottish tournament (quite a few fencers up from Down South for the day).
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