March 19th, 2008


Syndicated feeds ...

So, one handy feature of having a permanent (or paid) account is being able to add RSS feeds as syndicated feeds on LJ. I've created a few, and I figure I should advertise them a little :

Beijing Sounds, syndicated as beijing_sounds - discussion on Mandarin as spoken in Beijing.
Year of the Land Shark (or 突然想到), syndicated as yearoflandshark - a blog in Chinese by Jason, who lives in Nanjing (he also blogs at Sword in Your Face in English).
China Law Blog, chinalawblog. Pretty much what it says on the tin - discussion of law in China.
Matt Rubinstein's blog, at mattrubinstein.
Green Wombat, at greenwombat, described as "Covering environmental technology, business and public policy".
Modern Dragons, at moderndragons, "Speculations on the frontiers of science and culture".
Neoformix, at neoformix_rss, about "Discovering and Illustrating Patterns in Data".
Unspeak, at unspeakfeed,
Virtual China, virtualchina - not sure if I syndicated this one or not, there are only two subscribers, and I'm one of them. Actually, it looks like virtualchina is broken, need to update the feed URL to ... ok, support request submitted, should update soon.

I think that's it, but there's no way to search for syndicated feeds by creator, so I might have lost one somewhere along the way ...

Edit: Added suburbankinks, for Effie in Blindingham, described as "A Victorian wife divides her time between her country estate and smart rooms in London. She is excited, enthusiastic, sociable and utterly unaware of what is happening around her.....".
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