April 7th, 2008


A weekend full of fencing ...

My weekend was completely absorbed by the Glasgow Open - setting up on Friday night, fencing on Saturday, and running around taking photos and being helpful and packing everything up again yesterday. I was fencing well on Saturday, except for a costly loss of focus for about a minute in the second round of pools, which left me seeded 16th into the DE - won the last-64 and -32 bouts, but then I was facing 1st seed in the last 16, and he was too good for me, alas. Overall placing 13th, which means I still haven't finished in the top 8 at the local open, despite having medals from the others (Scottish, Doric, Inverclyde, Highland). Oh well ...

Anyway I took a bunch of photos (in the process, the counter on my DSLR wrapped around from 9999 to 0001 - I guess that means I've taken 10000 photos with it !), and I've put a small selection of them over here.

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