July 24th, 2008


Health and fitness update ...

Very minor health update: I got my ears cleaned out yesterday (is this TMI ? I can never tell with these things ... ), and it's like someone turned up the Treble on the world (or rather, that I had the Treble turned down). Apparently I have narrow ear canals, so I'll be prone to needing this done every year or two ... or about ten, in this case.

Fitness update: In the first half of the year, we visited the gym 25 times, which isn't too bad. Our visits were somewhat irregular, though, some weeks were skipped completely, some we went twice. Add in fencing (GWEFC every Thursday, plus occasional visits to other clubs on either Monday or Tuesday), and I seem to be staying reasonably fit - although if you believe BMI, I'm on the border of overweight (BMI hovering around 24-25) - seriously, hands up anyone who's seen me recently and thinks I'm overweight ? I'm not making any progress on the weights at the gym - as I've mentioned before, I'd need to be consistently going at least twice a week to improve there. Next challenge is to stay fit through the China trip and Discworld Con afterward ...
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