September 1st, 2008


Stuff !

To be precise, stuff that we picked up in China :

3 t-shirts (one Olympic one, one "I climbed the Great Wall" one (sold to us while on the wall by some very persistent "Mongolian farmers"), and one generic lightweight one)
2 folding fans
5 sets of chopsticks of various sorts
Lots of Olympic fencing pins and associated tat
1 (very small) terracotta warrior
1 set of Great Wall postcards (see persistent salespeople above)
1 set of Great Wall bookmarks (ditto)
1 umbrella (purple, with lacy edges and a somewhat reflective upper surface, meant as a sun-shade)

And a whole bunch of books :
Photos of the Great Wall (again, sold on the wall ... )
Chinese Measure Words Without Tears (well, it might work - nifty reference, anyway)
A book of Go problems (in Chinese; no, I can't read it, but I might be able to figure out the problems and translate the text eventually; taken pretty much at random from the many many Go books available from the bookstore (approx 12 shelf-metres worth)
A dictionary of Chinese synonyms/antonyms (vocabulary building, in theory)
A character dictionary (gives stroke order, different forms of the character, probably some etymology, and even Wubi codes for typing the characters)
The Hobbit (in Chinese; nope, can't read this either. One day ... cue "reading Tolkien in the original Chinese" jokes in 3 .. 2 .. 1)
His Majesty's Dragon (also in Chinese; another "because it was there" purchase)
A collection of short stories by Chinese authors from 2007 (also in Chinese; also on the "one day I may be able to read this" pile)
A book of pretty woodcuts and things

(as an aside, after four attempts, I still had no idea how the books were organised in either the foreign-translated-into-Chinese SF section or the Chinese SF section. If anyone knows what order (if any) books are usually arranged in in Chinese bookstores, please let me know !)

Not a bad haul for the trip ... of course, there are photos too, but I'm having some problems in uploading them all at the moment.
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