September 9th, 2008

Dangermouse 5

Stuff for sale !

rwrylsin has posted a list of stuff we have for sale before we head back to Oz.
If you want anything on that list, please comment on her post and let us know !
(Large items for pick-up in or near Glasgow; smaller items ideally for pick-up in Glasgow, but we may be able to make other arrangements for good customers :-) )

Highlights :

  • Our car ! Renault Scenic "Expression". 2001 model, 54k miles, automatic, air-con, air bags, etc.
  • rwrylsin's iMac G5 20".
  • Ikea Karlstad sofa-bed - it's a nice couch, and folds out to a full-size double bed, highly recommended by those who have slept on it.
  • Computer desks - see rwrylsin's photo/descriptions.
  • TV - 28" widescreen CRT TV - works well, some cosmetic damage (a dent on the lower right-hand side of the front).
  • Kitchen stuff - wok/steamers, kettle, and all the usual stuff in a kitchen (pots and pans, plates, etc)
  • General furniture - two 3-drawer and one 5-drawer chests of drawers, floor lamps, shelves of various sorts, coffee table, two Ikea "Lack" tables, and more.

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