September 29th, 2008


Autumn in Glasgow; the weekend ...

Ahhh, Autumn in Glasgow. I believe that in some places leaves turn and fall sedately to the ground around this time of year.
In Glasgow, they're ripped off the trees by gales and dashed to the ground by driving rain. I saw a bird trying to fly against the wind earlier today, and just not making any headway. The days are two hours shorter now than at the beginning of the month, and they'll be two hours shorter again in a month's time. And yet, I quite like Autumn here - it's a more distinct season than in Australia, and gives you a good reminder of what's yet to come with Winter on the way.

Meanwhile, rwrylsin and I went up to Inverness on the weekend. Drove up on Saturday (with a detour through Crossford for lunch with relatives), fenced in the Highland Open on Sunday, and drove back on Sunday evening. rwrylsin came 3rd in the women's sabre event, and I came 2nd in the men's epee - a successful weekend all round (we weren't to win anything, because then we'd have trophies to deal with before running away to Oz :-) ).

Packing and organising of stuff ... continues. My old computer is now in parts, and most of the parts are now boxed up for disposal. I've updated my computer stuff for sale page, just in case anyone wants some parts ...
(and don't forget rwrylsin's big list of stuff for sale.)
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