November 15th, 2008


Errrr ...

So ... ummm ... it seems that rwrylsin and I have found a place to stay (signed the lease this afternoon). I'm sure it wasn't supposed to happen this way - finding somewhere to rent in Melbourne was supposed to involve weeks (or months?) of searching, endless inspections and applications and hassle, and finally compromising on something just barely acceptable for far more than we can afford.

After a week back in town, we've ended up with a 6 month lease on a large place in a convenient location ... the price seems high at first glance, but on the other hand it's the same as what our previous place from 5 years ago would be if it had gone up 5% per year, which seems vaguely reasonable. We're going to pay the whole 6 months rent in advance, because we are currently unemployed and have no recent rental history over here, but we can manage that, and at least it means we don't need to worry about budgeting for rent for a while.

We get the keys on Wednesday next week (we're taking a short break to visit rwrylsin's parents first, and to pick up 4 years of redirected mail !), and frantic moving in and unpacking begins after that. Once we're a little settled, the real challenge begins - buying ! Finding a place that we both like, and settling the whole deal, within 6 months. Oh boy ! I'm sure we're quite mad ...
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