November 26th, 2008


Brief catch-up ...

... since the last update, we've moved into our flat, got a load of stuff from the storage unit (if I ever meet our 2004 selves, I'll thank them for putting four boxes of kitchen stuff near the front of the unit - we can haz kitchen ! yay !), sorted our Victorian drivers licenses, bought office furniture, and shopped around for bicycles a bit. We also made it to the MSFC on Friday evening, Continuum Relit on Saturday, and hespa's party on Sunday. Now we're taking an Internet break at rwrylsin's sister's place, as we're still off-line at our place (until Thursday next week !).

Mini-rant: The sooner the Met ticket machines are replaced the better - they are soooo slooooow. And there's only ever one ! After nearly five years away, you'd think they'd have worked it out - Melbourne doesn't need to spend silly amounts of money devising their own clever ticketing system, just copy someone else's and be done with it !

Right, just had to get that out of my system. Onwards !
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