December 2nd, 2008


Still busy ...

On Saturday, rwrylsin bought a bicycle (Giant Crx 2W), and on Sunday it was my turn ! I got a Kona "Dew Drop" - part of their Dew series of bikes (Dew, Dr. Dew, Dew Deluxe, etc), but with road-style drop handlebars. It has chunkier tyres and more gears than any bike I've previously owned, and rides very nicely (although I need to get various parts of my body re-familiarised with sitting on a bicycle again ... ).
Yesterday we raided our storage unit, with the help of a large truck and two removalists, and now everything from there is in our house (well, mostly the garage). Observations: I have juggling stuff ! And Lego ! And books ! And CDs ! It's great getting back to all of this old familiar stuff, some of which I had forgotten about. Today we're down in Foster, with a trailer, getting more stuff (from rwrylsin's parents place this time), and will shortly be heading back to Melbourne. Tomorrow ... we should be resting, because rwrylsin starts work on Thursday ! And with luck, we'll have Net access at home by then too !
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