January 28th, 2009


Update time ...

Mmmmm, toasty and warm ! Now we're getting into proper summer weather, almost 40°C today, and aiming for 43, 40 and 40 over the next few days. Just like I remember it from growing up in Adelaide [1].

rwrylsin are at the offer-making stage on a house we like - so of course, the owners have just left on holiday to the UK for a month. This makes the back-and-forth from us to the agent to them rather time-consuming.

Only a few weeks to go until the Melbourne Summer Cycle - please sponsor me, proceeds go towards research into MS, and services to help people living with MS.

Last weekend was Brickvention, and a lot of fun it was too. Good turnout for the convention part on Saturday, and around 1000 people came through the public display on Sunday !

While there, I had an amusing idea, so I built it on Saturday night :

Emergency brick separator 1

... ok, maybe only amusing to Lego fans. And I need to take a better photo of it ...

[1] It may not have actually *been* like that, but it's how I remember it :-)
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The best laid plans of mad dogs and Englishmen ...

Today, I had A Plan™. I was going to get up around 8ish, head out for a bike ride around 9ish, when it would hopefully be not too warm, then come home, relax for a while, then run around doing various errands in our airconditioned car.
I ended up waking up around 9:30 (phone call from real estate agent), and then everything proceeded very slowly after that, possibly due to a little BG II accident last night [1]. I ended up starting my ride just after 1pm, when the temperature reached 40.1°C ... *facepalm*
Still, I melted mostly survived, and now I'm back in the relative comfort of our place, where it's only 29° inside, or 31° upstairs in the bedroom. *runs away to put a/c on*

[1] Baldur's Gate II, that is. A new party I started a few weeks back - this time, with almost no mods (since I've been playing more and more heavily modded versions of the game over the past few times, I thought it was time to go back to basics - well, except for a couple of essential components of the Ease of Use mod - because I'd be happy to never hear the message "You must gather your party before venturing forth" ever again :-) ).
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