February 12th, 2009


1000 km ... (and a bit more)

I've now done over 1000km on my new bike (1060, as of yesterday's ride) - which means I'm doing about 100km per week on average. If I continue at that rate, I'll comfortably reach my goal of 4200km for the year with time to spare. Of course, as yesterday's ride reminded me, Melbourne's weather isn't always sunshine and heatwaves - it was around 18°C, cloudy, and there was a stiff sea breeze making it feel much cooler than that. It's a bit strange, because I'm sure 18, cloudy and breezy would have felt quite nice while in Glasgow, but here it definitely felt chilly. Anyway, this probably means that I'll be slack wimpy cycling less in winter, so being a little ahead on the kms now will be handy. On the other hand, if I get a job at a place with good cycling facilities, I'm intending to cycle to work fairly regularly, so I might keep ahead then anyway.
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