March 17th, 2009


How many things make a post again ?

A review of D&D 5th edition.
Note: 5th ed. may not actually exist yet.
Also note: Any resemblance to the Facebook "D&D Tiny Adventures" app is probably coincidental ...

I stumbled across Gemcraft the other day, and have played it for hours a bit. This is in between sessions of my latest BG II run, which is just about complete through SoA (and I generally stop somewhere through ToB) (poke me if you want some BG II rambling :-) ).

Hazard perception - apparently some people think that a busy shared pedestrian/bike path is just the right place to take their dog off the leash. I haven't run over them (or their dogs!) yet while cycling there, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

And in sporting news (cricket, of course), I wonder if Australia can make the World Cup final ? They're currently third in the Super Six stage, and need to beat England (by lots, hopefully!), and ideally have Pakistan beat New Zealand to make it through.

ETA: Knew there was something else. In among the advertising cluttering our letterbox was one ad which was extremely dodgy. It had the form of a competition, scratch a panel and if three symbols match you win - just text the code number to their number. The catch is that doing so signs you up to some company charging $10 every 6 days (not sure what "services" they provide, but I'm sure they'll happily spam your phone), which automatically keeps renewing until you ask them to stop it. Hidden in the smaller print on the back was a list of prizes - the headline ones being the usual car, expensive holiday, etc - and then 999,985 of them appear to be some sort of $1 travel voucher. Gah. How many suckers will happily text them without reading the details and be out $9 or more ? If I hadn't thrown the ad out, I'd be tempted to find out who it was from and complain to the company who included the ad in the mailing ...
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