April 14th, 2009


Benchmarking the David ...

Noting for future reference :
Best time so far on a 13.1km route on Kew Boulevard : 26 min
Best time up a 6.85km hill climb known as "the 1/20" (for obvious reasons) : 19min 55sec (about 264 watts, HR was 180-195bpm all the way, I was going all out :-) )

(previous times in January were 26m34, and 21min, respectively, so apparently I've improved a bit)

(these two routes are commonly used by Melbourne cyclists for time-trialling and training, and some riders log their times at Cycle2Max. My times are not in the same league as some of the serious riders though (e.g. the ones sustaining 400+ watts up the 1/20))
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