April 22nd, 2009


Fencing ...

I went to fencing last night (first Tuesday training session since we got back from the UK), and had one of those nights where everything Just Works - I was mostly at the right distance (or if I was at the wrong distance, my opponents were doing the wrong thing :-) ), I was accurate to hand/wrist, I was moving well, and I was thinking - trying to actively set up hits, unlike my usual reactive style. Nights like that don't come along too often, but it's very nice when they do - it'll be even better if it happens for the next tournament, of course.

Nice day for a ride ...

Went for a very pleasant bike ride this afternoon - lovely Autumn sunshine, nice and warm, and I wasn't trying to go too fast (mostly; I have a bit of a competitive streak, i.e. any time there's a cyclist in front of me). I was riding along a section of Yarra Boulevard which is popular with cyclists (and the occasional zoomy motorcyclist, presumably they like the bendy nature of the road, 'cos they certainly aren't cruising along admiring the scenery), and apart from spending a bit of time chasing after someone who'd overtaken me, I rambled along at a reasonable pace.
I suspect it's coming to the end of the easy-riding weather - there's a cool change coming this weekend with the promise of rain and even snow over the Alps, and I don't think we'll be seeing much in the mid-20s here for a while. Not that I'm planning to stop riding regularly, but I find it much harder to hop on the bike go for a ride when it's 14°C with strong winds and passing showers, than when it's 24°C and sunny and calm. I'll probably be riding a bit less for a few months, and spending a bit more time on fencing (I'm even getting a lesson next week ! It's about time, too, at training I'm reasonably effective, but also quite flaily and messy, and my footwork is all over the place).
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