April 29th, 2009

my eye

Ahh, the irony ...

rwrylsin and I lived in Glasgow for four and a half years. For almost three of those years, Partick station, which was on the other side of the car park from our block of flats, was being redeveloped, mostly at night. Double glazing is a wonderful thing, but jackhammers at 1am still win ...
We left before they had finished, although apparently the shiny new station is now done and shiny and stuff (saw some photos on Flickr of the finished product, it looks pretty good).
We also had major roadworks in front of our place for a year or so, as they lowered part of the Expressway and reworked the on/off-ramps near us.

In July this year, we're moving in to our new house ( yay \o/ ), in Nunawading, quite close to the train station ... the one which is going to be redeveloped next year (they're moving the rail line under the road, and moving the station to the west side of Springvale Rd and putting it underground). And we thought we'd escaped living near a construction site ! Oh well ... at least it won't be quite so close, this time.

As an aside, the Partick development was done while keeping the station (train and subway) running as normal, and took over 3 years. The Nunawading work is planned to take 1 month.
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