May 15th, 2009


BSG on pause ...

We seem to have run out of BSG ! Got to the end of the first half of S4 the other day, only to discover that my cunning plan to dash out and buy the second half wasn't quite as cunning as I'd thought, due to the second half not actually being released over here until August. Bah. It comes out in June in the UK, but at twice the price (plus postage etc). Guess we'll have to catch up with some other series in the meantime (although [info] - personalrwrylsin seems to have started on a Babylon 5 re-watch, that should keep us occupied for a while).

Anyway, we've enjoyed BSG so far, first-half-of-S4 has some interesting twists, and hopefully the second half keeps up the good work (I've heard the last episode is ... somewhat less than perfect. We'll see :-) )
I've been reading the TWOP recaps as I go along, clearly written by someone who loves the show a great deal, although they throw in some snark at the directors and writers as they go. They definitely add to my enjoyment of the show, pointing out bits that I missed on watching, and adding some interesting tangents and background ideas as well.
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