May 16th, 2009


All Fencing All The Time

... at least, that's what it feels like this week. It started last weekend, with a training camp on Saturday and Sunday, 6 hours of fencing (warmups, footwork drills, scenario bouting, mini-competition), following by regular training and a lesson on Tuesday, another training night on Wednesday, regular training Thursday, and finally today, a local competition. It'll be nice to have a couple of non-fencing days now, my knees and ankles and right elbow will all be grateful.
(how did the competition go ? Ok, up to a point. Won three bouts and lost one (4-5) in the pool round, but had a good enough indicator to be seeded 4th (out of 25) into the DE. After the partial round-of-32 finished it was my turn, and ... I lost, 5-15. The guy seeded 13th must have been having a very slow pool round, since he came 2nd in the last local comp, and went on to end up somewhere in the last 4 this time too. I wasn't having much luck in setting up any hits on him - in retrospect, it really would have been a good bout to sit back and wait once I got 1-0 up. Oh well, on to the next one ... which is Adelaide ! In three weeks time ! Eeek !
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