July 13th, 2009


The humble spud ...

Dear Supermarkets,
Please remember that there are more varieties of potato than "white", "brushed", "red", and "sweet". Or at least, indicate which particular variety your white/brushed/etc potatoes are, so I can make an informed decision on whether they'll be suitable for my purposes.


(annoyingly, Coles has slipped backwards in this regard - they used to have four to six other varieties as well as the standards, before we moved overseas, but now they just have the usuals. Safeway are sometimes better, but it seems to depend on the whim of the particular store ... )
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Somewhat late night ...

I think I picked the wrong sports to stay up late for last night.
I watched the cricket for a while, stopped watching sometime when England were 7 down, and figured Australia could probably pull off the win despite losing time to the rain on day 4. Alas, England fought to the end and drew the match.
I was also watching the latest Tour de France stage, which wasn't won by an Australian. Unfortunately for Cadel Evans, I don't think he (or any other Australian in the tour) will win overall this year either, after the spectacular Team Time Trial on stage 4.
What I should have been watching, of course, was the German F1 Grand Prix, where Mark Webber won - first GP win for him, first Australian GP win since '81 (ooo-errr, I think I used to watch in those days too).

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