August 11th, 2009


The cricket ...

"You talk about putting your foot on someone's throat and not letting go. I think we have done that very well," England topscorer Matt Prior said.

... obviously he said that rather more than four days ago :-)
It's nice to see such a turnaround in form, for a while I was thinking that the umpires were going to become England's leading wicket-takers. Not that I'm bitter ...

Actually, I'm curious about that turn of phrase - "putting your foot on someone's throat". Anyone know the origin of that phrase, or some phrase that it might have been based on ?
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Woohoo !

Congratulations to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary !

(errr, for yesterday (Monday), because I'm a little disorganised ;-) )

Meanwhile, the 8th marked 14 years since rwrylsin and I became an item. Yay us !
(... and our 6th wedding anniversary will be in late September, would be much more impressive if we'd got hitched earlier in the relationship :-) )
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