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Back on the road ...

Finally got the car back yesterday, all repaired and running smoothly again. Apparently the cam timing belt broke, and that damaged other bits of the internals of the engine. Our local garage didn't have the magic Renault tools needed to delve into the innards, so on Monday I had to get the car towed to another garage, and then basically handed over my wallet and said "please make it go", and they did. Whew ... and ouch.

... meanwhile, Boots has new automated self-service checkouts. For some reason (possibly the voice they use, possibly the stereo effect I got when the ones to either side of me were speaking in sync for a while), it felt like The Future™.

Finally, though this week has been somewhat quieter work-wise and less stressful otherwise than last week, I'm still very glad that it's Friday. Whee !
(no particular plans for the weekend, rwrylsin gets back from a week-long fencing coaching course sometime late tomorrow ... )

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