March 2nd, 2010


Updates in brief ...

Mebourne Summer Cycle - good ! I had fun doing the ride (40 km around Melbourne), and added on a bit of riding before and after to make it 100km for the day. I've raised $404 so far - you can still make donations here.

Windows 2.0 (no, not the abominable "operating system" from the 80s) - also good ! The installers spent four days replacing all of our windows and some doors, and did a good job overall (maybe they were in a bit of a rush on the last day, though). Seems to be a noticeable improvement in temperature control already, will be interesting to see how much difference it makes in the next hot or cool spell.

Continuum 6 - it was good too ! I had a fun weekend, and got almost enough sleep to get through. The only thing wrong with it was that it wasn't longer. And one of the highlights was this, played at the end of Maskobalo.

Getting two punctures cycling to and from work today - not good ! Bah, always has to be a cloud to go with all the silver lining ... the first puncture (almost certainly a piece of glass that strayed from a shop whose front window was being removed as I cycled by) left a large slice in my rear tyre, hence the second puncture on the way home. New tyres, coming right up ...
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