June 1st, 2010


Nice day for a ride ...

Apparently I've turned into Calvin's dad. I got up well before 6am this morning, got on my bike at 7am (sunrise was 7:25ish), and headed to work ... and it was fun. Despite being hideously early, and 10°C outside, and dark.

Also, I managed my best time for the ride in to work[2], just under 37 minutes[1][3] to the entrance to the loading dock at my workplace.

The ride home (also in the dark, a balmy 15° though) was pretty good too - total time for the day was under 82 minutes.

[1] Not including time stopped e.g. at lights, waiting for cars to get out of my way, etc.

[2] For this particular route, and from this house, and to this particular work address ... which covers most of the time since last December.

[3] My route is about 19.5km, and has 100m of climbing and 200m of descending on the way in, and vice versa on the way home.
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