June 7th, 2010


Small moment of trimph ...

While living in the UK, I picked up a game called Spellforce. It's a hybrid RPG/RTS for the PC, and turned out to be a fun game which absorbed many hours of my time ... and then there were the sequels/expansions, and later Spellforce 2.

Anyway, we packed up all our stuff and moved back to Oz, and a couple of times I've had the itch to pick up SF again. The only problem was that I had a fresh install on my laptop, and needed the serial number before I could play. Do you think I could find the serial number ?

It wasn't on the box, it wasn't in the manual, it wasn't cleverly written down somewhere that I could find it again (that would be too easy).

Finally, last night, I was poking at the internets, ran across discussions in the SF forums about lost CD-keys, and noticed that someone mentioned that the serial no. was on the CD holder (errr, one of those paper-envelope-with-a-window things that CDs come in when they're being particularly cheap).

Now, after packing, moving, and unpacking all my stuff here, and remembering that those CD-slips are very common, what are the odds of me finding a particular one, that just happens to be important, again ? Especially compared to the odds of seeing a dozen of them lying around empty and throwing them out.

But, amazingly ... I found it ! And, after a small amount of O/0 confusion, it worked !
I think I know what I'm doing for the next few evenings ...
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