April 20th, 2011


Australian Discworld Con, 2011

Right, it's only been a week, time for a con report !
The summary is - it was very good ! We had lots of fun, the con ran pretty well, made some new friends, and survived all the driving.

First, I think I should pop in some praise for the Con committee - they were a first-time committee, and there was doubt about whether the GoH would be able to attend until about 3 months before the Con - at which point memberships spiked up, all the way to their limit of 400 members.
Given those circumstances (and a first-time con venue, in the wilds of Penrith :) ), they delievered an excellent event.

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Whew. That got longer than expected, cut tags applied.
Also, all of the above, plus rwrylsin being on-call this weekend, explains why we're not going to be at either Swancon or Eastercon this year :-)

Anyway, the summary is that Australian Discworld Conventions can be as much fun as the UK ones, and the next one is almost certainly going to be in Melbourne in 2013. You'll probably be hearing more from me about that ...
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