November 13th, 2011


Four weekend days

The Work Day :
Last Saturday, I cycled into work, arriving around 8am. I was there to assist with a software upgrade on the payments processing system, the final upgrade before the project ends (don't worry, I am already part-assigned to a new project, I'll be there for a while yet :) ). In our final practice run, we managed to finish the main portion of the upgrade in about 4 hours. Allowing for the usual delays and extra teams involved in dealing with our production systems, I figured we might be done by 1-2pm.
All went well until the database upgrade, which failed with a mysterious permission error in a place we'd never seen such a thing before. Investigating took a long time, and didn't really turn up a cause, but in the end we got it to work by simply restoring the DB and trying again. Sigh. Computers, eh ?
Left the office around 8:30pm, cycled home, had dinner and collapsed into bed.

The Festival Day :
Last Sunday, I didn't get to sleep in to recover from Saturday, because the Maroondah Festival was on. Our club was running a "come and try" stall there, similar to the one we ran two weeks earlier at the Whitehorse Spring Festival. It went well, lots of kids came and had a go (mostly after lunch, the morning had been a bit quiet - I remember looking at my watch at 1:30 and thinking "this could be a really boring afternoon at the current rate" - and the next time it slowed down enough to check the time, it was already 2:30). We had managed to get a grant to buy some of the "Mini-Fence" kit - plastic masks/swords, which means jackets and gloves aren't really required. This makes it much quicker to set up a pair of prospective fencers for one of the coaches to work with, and much less frustration in finding gear that fits. A couple of kids had a go, and then came back for another, and another, and then had a couple of turns in the regular kit with metal swords, and another final go with the plastics as well. I guess they liked it.

The Active Day :
Yesterday. Started the day with the regular fencing training session, and I managed to find some epeeists to play with ! After that, we returned home and lunched, and then I mowed the lawns, and played with the cats for a while (Ella is still a fiendish string-chaser, Abby sometimes joins in).
Then went for a bike ride (50-odd km), had dinner, went to see 3 Musketeers with [personal profile] rwrylsin, and finally went for a midnight shopping run (usually a bad idea, they always turn out more expensive than the regular ones for some reason).

The Lazy Day :
I'm dressed and breakfasted, and so far, that's it.
Ahhh, weekends ...
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