December 25th, 2011


Things ! And stuff !

Merry Christmas everyone ! (or any other seasonally-appropriate celebration that you may have)

We're having a quiet day at home, just us and the cats, since it may be our last chance to do so, with the baby due early in April. Had a nice Christmas dinner last night with hespa and cumbernotathome, and played Talisman until the small hours (note to self: Talisman is not in any way a quick game).

Meanwhile, after 8 and a bit years, this is my 1000th LJ post !

(sort of - since I'm actually cross-posting everything from Dreamwidth these days. Also, just ran the import of all my LJ entries into DW, and DW shows 1008 posts now ... )

In other news, I reached my cycling goal of 6,500km this year on the ride home on Thursday, and sometime in the last couple of weeks, went past 18,000km in total on this bike. I'm aiming for less next year, though, there were days where it felt like I was riding just to keep on track for the numbers, rather than because I wanted to ride. Also, there'll be a baby around :-)

Finally, heading to Adelaide tomorrow ... see some of you there !
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