January 9th, 2012


Online Opinion ...

Quick poll (mostly for Australians) :
Have you heard of the site Online Opinion ? onlineopinion.com.au

Where do you get your Australian news and opinions from ? Murdoch-land ? (Feral Hun ... errr, Herald Sun / Advertiser / Australian, etc) Fairfax-ville ? (The Age / SMH / etc)
Other sources (Crikey ? ... ?)

I'm wondering because I was recently linked to a post about a new site called "The Conversation", and it reminded me that Online Opinion exists. From what I've seen of it, OO appears to be trying to provide a platform for in-depth articles about Australian (and international) issues, from a variety of sources (including academics, politicians, etc). The Conversation appears to be doing the same. Both sites are not-for-profit and thus less affected by the usual Big Corporate biases.

Anyway, Online Opinion is worth a look from time to time, it seems to do a reasonable job of getting a variety of points of view across.

Edit: And of course, it seems like a bit of duplication of effort - which leads me to believe that not many people (including the creators of The Conversation) have heard of OO, even though it has been around for a few years now.

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