August 7th, 2012


Phone time !

The short version: Looking for a new phone, and new plan/contract.
The phone: Android smartphone, usable amount of internal memory (8Gb+), ideally also microSD capability.
The plan: Good network coverage (which mostly means Telstra - are there any resellers ?). Need plenty of included data (currently 1Gb plan). Ideally $50/month or less (current is $49).

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... thoughts ? Suggestions for which phone models I should consider ?
Apart from the internal space, the Desire has pretty much all that I need from a pocket-sized computer (that happens to make phone calls too).

Finally, once I get the new phone - is there a way to transfer all of my apps and settings and saved data across ? (e.g. bookmarks/browsing history, contacts, call history, SMS messages, etc)

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Oh yeah, the fencing ...

So, there was a bit of fencing at the Olympics - although you wouldn't know it from the Channel 9 coverage.
Medals were awarded for individual men's & women's foil, epee, and sabre, and team events of men's foil, men's sabre, women's epee, and women's foil. (Men's epee and women's sabre had a separate World Championships earlier in the year, it was their turn to not be included in the Games).

So, here are some results from the individual events - top 4 in each comp, plus the British results.
Unfortunately, no Australians qualified for the Olympics this year, so no Australian results to include at all.

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Note that the events typically had 30-38 entries - only two British fencers actually won a DE bout, and one of those was between two Brits ! Not a very good outcome, considering the selections were made based on potential to reach "the medal zone" - which they defined as top 8 - rather than the top 3 (maybe 4) that any sensible person would use.

Needless to say, the selections for Britain, and the outcomes, have proved quite controversial in the British fencing community, there's quite a lot of discussion now about how they can restructure to improve results in the future.

In particular, the non-selection of Jon Willis, their best-perfoming men's epeeist from the past few years, caused a lot of controversy. Having watched and competed in epee fencing at all levels, I'd say that there is much more variability in outcomes compared to the other weapons - top seeds are often knocked out in the last 128 or 64, and low seeds regularly pop up and medal or win. Willis might have lost in the first round (oh, just like almost all of the other British entries), but if it had been "his day" (you know, with his home crowd behind him, and British athletes popping up for golds all over the place) he could well have gone on to win.

Now we'll never know, and he's now retired from international competition (as he is no longer funded by British Fencing, and maintaining a world ranking involves a lot of travel and training expenses).

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