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Christmas sniffle ...

So, as I wrote a few days ago , I had a grand plan to "wrap around" to reset my sleep pattern to something slightly more like normal. It worked, I kept "normal"(ish) hours for the last few days - but it seems to have also dampened my immune system somewhat, so I now have a cold. Achoo. It was the slow-developing kind, a little throat tickle for a few days, and then the sniffle and headache and stuff came around. With my dinner tonight, I went for the "spice blast" approach to easing the symptoms - first, a bottle of home-brewed ginger beer (probably non-alcoholic, very gingery), then put lots of spices on my dinner - a bunch of garlic pepper . o O ("oooh, look, the jar's nearly empty, I'll just tip it all out"), and pepper steak mixture . o O ("how about that, it's nearly empty too" <shake, shake, shake>), and some ground chilli . o O ("gosh, that's nearly empty too" <whoosh>). It had pretty much the desired effect, and was quite delicious too :-)

Working back to the last update, we drove back to Melbourne from Foster today, then braved Chadstone to spend some David Jones vouchers my parents gave us (Farscape S3 and complete BlackAdder, oooh :) and do some essential shopping to keep us going until Monday - when we're off to Adelaide, to visit my parents. Yesterday we had the traditional roast turkey and roast pork and roast potatoes and so forth lunch thing, then lazed around all afternoon, with Lisa, Lisa's parents, Lisa's sister Kristy & her girlfriend Jen, Lisa's brother Peter & his girlfriend Narelle, and various other people (friends of Kristy or relatives of Narelle, mostly) popping in and out all afternoon and evening.

Wednesday was another quiet day, which I spent mostly reading Neal Stephenson's latest book, Quicksilver , and lazing around the house, lazily. Lisa and I went for a short walk in a little forested area near Lisa's parents house, too, and I took some photos. If I get organised I might link to some of them from LJ.

Tuesday ? Also quiet, more reading and some TV watching and a walk in the forest.

Tonight, back to Baldur's Gate II, maybe some book and comic packing. And much laziness will ensue for the next couple of days ...

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