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September 2nd, 2008

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06:20 pm - Plans !
rwrylsin has just posted an overview of our Going-Back-To-Oz schedule over the next couple of months.
It's only mildly insane :-)

Main dates to note in October :
Thu 2nd - Last day at work, some sort of night out with work people.
Thu 9th - Last Trout visit. Probably be there from 9ish or so.
Sat 12th - House Cooling! Come play games and take our stuff. Probably followed by a leaving party at Walkabout.
17th - 22nd - in Edinburgh, being tourists, catching up with random people, and seeing if there are any hitches in our arrangements.

... at some point after that, we make our way down to London, route and stops yet to be finalised.

Fri 31st - Depart Heathrow Airport. Back to Melbourne, via a few days in Hong Kong, and a couple of days in Adelaide.

Whee !
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(En garde !)

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