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More stuff for sale - computer bits !

Yup, I'm selling my computer, or maybe bits of my computer. Of course, I have to finish transferring important stuff to my laptop and taking backups of everything else, so the computer stuff won't be available to pick up before Tuesday 30th ... I'm happy to sell as a system (minus hard drive/monitor/mouse) for £160, willing to sell parts separately for prices listed below (or best offer). Note, would prefer items to be picked up in Glasgow area, however if you're willing to risk the post within the UK, something could probably be arranged ...
Note: Since I can't check LJ at work, please e-mail me (davidtcook at gmail) if you want something.

Sold.Motherboard - ASUS A7V600-X. VIA KT600 chipset, suits Athlon CPUs. 400Mhz FSB, 3 RAM slots, AGP 8x, 6 PCI slots, IDE & SATA, USB 2.0, etc.
Note: I actually have two of this motherboard, I suspect one of them has
some issues with the IDE controller. (with original box) £15 each.

Sold.CPU - Athlon XP 2400+. (with box) £20

Sold.Cooling fan - Akasa AK824. (with original box) £5

Sold. RAM - 2x512Mb PC2700, 1x1Gb (probably PC2700 or PC3200) (with box) £20.

Sold.Graphics card - Inno3D GeForce FX5900XT - 128Mb, AGP. (with original box and bundled software) £40.

Wireless network card - D-Link DWL-G520+ PCI card - 802.11a/b/g. (with original box) £20.

Sold. Sound card - Creative Audigy 2 PCI card. £25.

Sold. Speakers - Creative Inspire G380 2.1 - sub-woofer and satellites. (with original box) £20.

CD drive : Sony CRX230EE - read/write CD-R/CD-RW. £5.

Sold.CD/DVD drive: Sony CRX320EE - read/writeCD-R/CD-RW, reads DVD. £8.

Sold. CD/DVD drive: Lite-On LH 20A1H - read/write CD-R/CD-RW, read/write DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, with LightScribe. £12.

Sold.Case - black mid-tower, dabs.com. (with original box) £25.

Sold.Keyboard - Belkin Classic keyboard (PS/2 connector). (with original box) £5.

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