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Changes ...

... of course, lots of things have changed while we were away, too. Who is this "Andre Rieu", and why is everyone so excited about him ? Who is this Centro mob who seem to own the shopping malls not run by Westfield ? Who is this "Savings and Loans" bank, and why do they have "Rediteller" ATMs, because I'm sure some other bank used that name for their ATMs some years back ? And someone needs to tell Bert Newton to lay off the botox, because he looks ... awfully plastic-y now. Australian TV seems to have gone all digital and HD and stuff, but the actual content ... not so different. Adelaide seems to have cut speed limits just about everywhere by 10 to 20 km/h, too, and of course Melbourne has grown a new tollway while we were gone (certainly made it easy to get from Ringwood to Dandenong earlier today). Lots of new shops and changes in the city centre, but it's good to see the old favourites still there (Reader's Feast, Minotaur, even Dymocks and A&R, although it looks like the Technical Bookstore on Swanston St is gone).
... ahhh, it's good to be back :)

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