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Errr ... cricket !

Ok, apparently I do have something in common with our PM - I'm a "cricket tragic", or something like that. I follow it, anyway.

Obviously, India have played very well in this test, and could well win it - certainly, it'd be very hard for Australia to win now.

Australia haven't been at their best, though.
Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne haven't played.
Jason Gillespie has continued being his usual unlucky self (if you want to guarantee that a batsman will get edges that don't carry or go over the top, turn fielders into butterfingers, or keep a physiotherapist in gainful employment, just get Gillespie to bowl for a while ... ).
Brett Lee ... was rushed back after injury, clearly. Maybe the injury had healed, but his bowling has been ragged at best - nowhere near the speed he used to bowl at, and with nowhere near the accuracy and reliability that his current speed really requires.
Andy Bichel isn't playing this test - but in my opinion, his bowling has declined over the last year. He used to bowl at a mediumish-fastish pace (around 130km/h), with good line and length, and he'd get good seam and swing movement. Now he tries to bowl 135-140 km/h, grunts with effort every time he bowls, and has lost the precision and movement which was working so well for him before.
Stuart McGill has got the most wickets of the Australians, but somehow it never looks like he's dominating the batsmen - again, his line and length aren't quite spot on, and he doesn't seem to bowl with much variety.
Nathan Bracken and Brad Williams are ok, but lacking in international experience. As one commentator suggested the other day, Michael Kasprowicz is still bowling very well, and has a lot of experience - which could be handy in facing a team with so much batting firepower.

On the batting side, most have done well, although Damien Martyn and Steve Waugh haven't made any decent scores for a while. One is retiring, and the other should be getting very worried about now. Gilchrist needs to work on his technique a bit more - he gets bottom/inside edges onto/near his stumps a lot, and similar edges to the wicket-keeper sometimes too. He probably needs to work out what "patience" means, too, since he gets out to rash shots caught in the deep a little too often ...

Whew. I can see why they use the term "cricket tragic", that lot was pretty tragic, wasn't it ?


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