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While we were gone ...

While we were in the Great Overseas, there have been a few changes in Oz.
For a start, we apparently have a New South Wales Broadcaster, rather than a national broadcaster, in the ABC.
How on earth did we end up in a state where they dare to show Victorians a "news" program which goes on about Sydney trains, NSW politics, NSW hospitals, and ends up with NSW weather - not even a "rest of the country" overview !
It's ridiculous !

Meanwhile, I'll make the bold claim that Mandarin Chinese is the second most spoken language in Melbourne (after English) these days, based on the number of people I've heard speaking it while out and about. I'm pretty sure this is a shift, as I recall there was more Cantonese around before, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and so on. Now, Mandarin seems much more common.
(Of course, maybe I'm just sensitised after the trip to China, and because I still like to think that I know Mandarin (not so much, these days))

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