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Fun weekend ...

So, on Friday, rwrylsin attended the 2nd Australian Discworld Convention. Brief summary: It was fun !

On Friday, we watched some game-playing (Significant Quest, an unofficial/prototype Discworld game based on players being Small Gods, and trying to become bigger gods by luring in followers - looked like fun), I ran a juggling workshop, then we lurked around a bit, I re-parked the car while rwrylsin played Werewolf, and then we changed venues (snacking on the way) for the evening's entertainment (including a trivia quiz, and Virtual Terry (a phone interview, since he couldn't make it out to Australia this time)).

On Saturday, rwrylsin organised and co-presented the panel "Ephebian Philosophy", which went well - we estimate about 30-40 attended, which is pretty good when the convention has about 120 members. After that was the Great Debate (whether Wizards (and Wizzards ?) should be allowed to mess with the fabric of the space-time continuuuuum, or not), and then I ran another juggling workshop. A couple of other items after that, then some of the attendees were off to the Gala Dinner, and we opted instead to retire home and laze around lazily for the evening.

And finally Sunday, caught a few more random items, rwrylsin and I played Mü (the Safarü variant) for a while, then it was time for rwrylsin to run some fun fencing games for a bit. Finally, the auction (I'm always surprised how much money people will pay for Discworld ephemera and collectibles), and the closing ceremony (awww), followed by hanging out at the bar/bistro at the Ibis for a while with most of the committee and other random con-goers.

Overall impressions: A well-organised little convention, and good fun too. Hopefully it'll grow over time and be able to run in a single venue over the weekend (the day sessions were in RMIT's Storey Hall, the evenings at a function room at the Ibis).

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