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TV things ...

Dear SBS - in a documentary on India, why are you subtitling the Indians when they're speaking perfectly clear (Indian-accented) English ? (but not subtitling the reporter's English ...).

Dear commercial stations - why does it appear that every ad for home or beauty products is dubbed (and badly dubbed, at that) (and they don't appear to be ads imported from another country, which would make a small amount of sense being dubbed). Why not have people who sound like (gasp) real people ?

Dear commercial stations again - ok, I get it, apparently your promo spots need to feature a deep gravelly male voice and husky deep female voice - but if the trend keeps up, the male voice will go subsonic and the female will turn into a frog. Try something different maybe - you know, voices that sound like actual people ?

... good thing I don't watch much TV these days.
(which reminds me, I'm about two seasons behind in BSG, I should catch up on that sometime before I get spoiled for the final :-) )

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