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April 7th, 2009

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05:36 pm - Fencing ...
So, last weekend was the first state fencing tournament of the year, and my first since we came back to Australia. I came 6th (out of 20 entries) in the men's epee, rwrylsin came 3rd in the women's sabre. It's a bit of a change for us, fencing in such small competitions. For comparison, the Glasgow Open was also held last weekend :

EventMelbourneGlasgow Open
Men's Foil 2184
Women's Foil 525
Men's Sabre 332
Women's Sabre 715
Men's Epee 2059
Women's Epee 719

The Glasgow Open attracted fencers from as far afield as Manchester, Liverpool, London, as well as "locals" from all over Scotland (including Orkney and Shetland fencers) - so people travelled up to around 450km to get there). The Melbourne tournament attracted fencers from ... all over Melbourne (that includes the Peninsula Fencing Club (based in Frankston) and Chevalier (based in the Dandenongs)).
I wonder if there'd be increased participation around here if results could be counted towards national rankings, in the way they are in the UK ? Or maybe it's time to get into coaching and try to raise an army of epeeists ...
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Date:April 7th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to work out how the organisation would handle an awkwardly sized field of five or three. Would it be just poules and no DE, or one round of poules, lowest-ranked doesn't even get into the DE, or some other cunning method?

...The thought of an army of épéeists scares the life out of me!
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Date:April 9th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
Usually, with fewer than 6 in an event, they get merged into the opposite-sex event - e.g. the men's sabre got merged with the women's, they ran two poules of 5, then a normal DE, then just gave out medals separately based on the DE results. Not ideal, but that's why they need to encourage greater participation, 'cos I know there are a lot more than 3 men's sabreurs in Melbourne.

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