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Just as I was thinking of finishing up on the computers, mailing out some mail that had to be sent, and going to bed, the lights flickered and both computers went off, then rebooted. Very, very annoying, because, especially for the Linux machine, the computer acts as my memory - if I want to remember to look up a site (or 30), I have a browser tab open to it. If I want to go through a newsgroup, the newsreader will be open at it. The computer is my memory because my squishy-blob-of-flesh one isn't so great at keeping track of these things - so to have the computer crash means that I have to spent an hour or so trying to remember or recreate what I was up to. Grrrr.
(one browser, Opera, remembers exactly what you've got open at all times, which is great - unfortunately, I found it was getting too painfully slow with 100-200 tabs open (!), so I switched a lot of browsing over to multiple Mozilla windows, each with a bunch of tabs. Mozilla doesn't remember where I'm up to. Grrr.)

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