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So, I went on a bit of a youtube music binge the other day, and ended up listening to a bunch of flute music. It's been years since I even touched a flute, and over a decade since I practiced regularly, but I'm starting to get the itch to play again. The only problem I'm having is that the music is all so nice and pretty and I really want to sit down and crash out some heavy metal or hardcore techno ... on the flute. Could be a bit tricky. Not least because I don't own one at the moment.

In the meantime, I'll share some of the music I've liked in recent years - I always assume that "everyone" knows what sort of music I like and likes the same stuff, but that can't be anywhere near true. I'm open to recommendations, although you can assume that I've heard of Dead Can Dance already :-)

Today, I'll do the stuff with a vaguely mediaeval influence - most of it would horrify the purists (sorry, halfflat !), but I like it.

Saltatio Mortis, Live at "Mittelalter Spectaculum 06" (4min 21sec) (not the best audio/video quality, unfortunately), and "Heuchler" (4:45).
Hopefully those videos get across the sort of "mediaeval rave music" they used to play - these days it's more goth/metal with some mediaeval sounds, e.g. "Dunckler Engel" (4:01) or "Des Königs Henker" (8:15).

Moving on, here's Estampie, with "Floret Silva" (4:09), and "Seigneurs, sachiez" (3:19).
Many of the musicians in Estampie also perform as Qntal (more pop/rock influences, but still a good mediaeval core) : "Am Morgen Fruo" (5:02), and "Ecce Gratum" (5:11)

Arcana : "Source of Light" (3:05), and "Love Eternal" (2:37).

And finally, two bands I've heard a bit of, and intend to explore more sometime : "Ductia" by Corvus Corax (5:10), and "Ordo Militum Christi" by Trobar de Morte (3:46).

(for some reason, these styles of music seem to be most popular in Germany, and if we'd had time and been organised enough and had enough leave and money to do so while we were living in the UK, it would have been cool to see some of these bands live. Maybe next time !)

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