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What are the odds ? - He's just this guy, you know.

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June 14th, 2009

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05:20 pm - What are the odds ?
I like it when I turn out to have done something clever completely by chance.

Six months ago, when I bought my bike, I also bought a pannier rack, thinking it'd be handy when I got around to commuting to work (after getting a job of course :) ). Yesterday, rwrylsin and I went shopping for bike accessories (I wanted a long-sleeved wind/rain-proof top; she wanted something to keep her legs warm). I also ended up buying a nifty pannier bag thing - the main part of the bag slides on to the pannier rack (assuming you have a compatible one) and clicks into place, and the pannier bags can be folded out from side compartments. And the best bit was, the rack I bought six months ago happened to have the right type of slide/rail system on it ! Win !
Current Mood: amused

(En garde !)

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