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Greetings from Boxburb, Boxville, in the Kingdom of Boxlandia.

Ok, this unpacking process may take a while, not least because I have to paint some of the wardrobes before we start shoving stuff into them. Still, I'm liking our new house a lot - there's work to do, but the basics are all there. And some of the little things are good, e.g. the light switches are generally where I expect them to be, and rwrylsin and I can both be doing stuff in the kitchen and not tripping over each other too much.
The train trip to work takes only a little bit longer than at the previous place - which is pretty good considering we're almost twice as far from my workplace.
I cycled in today, and had a very good run in (19.11km, 38min30). Unfortunately, the ride home was closer to 50 minutes, and felt like hard work. I don't think I'll be riding every day just yet - at least until the mornings are a bit warmer than 5°C (Shrinkage ? I had to send out a search party ! :-o ).
Anyway, life in the new place is good, and I suspect we'll soon be on first name terms with the staff of the nearby hardware store ... and furniture stores ... and bike shop ... and electronics stores ... and outdoor store ... and possibly even the pizza place.

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