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Monday, errr, Tuesday ...

Well, it's a Tuesday which feels like Monday, after the public holiday yesterday.
The weekend was long, and mostly lazy. Saturday passed in a blur, with quite a bit of NWN involved.
Sunday was a bit more active, a 40km bike ride (avg. about 30 km/h), and moving boxes and taking down shelves, and sorting our non-fiction books into piles of keeping, selling, and undecided. Yesterday returned to laziness, interrupted only by grocery shopping and dinner.

Meanwhile, I growl in the general direction of Marks & Spencer, in particular the designers of their website who claim that it has been "optimised for the most popular browsers", which apparently means that I can't use it with Mozilla. Phrases to describe them which rhyme with "glueless flossers" come to mind (possibly because I've been reading lots of alt.sysadmin.recovery lately).

I had an insight the other day, thinking about role-playing games (both live and computer, mainly computer since I haven't really done much live RPing) - as a role-player, I'm a tourist (on CRPGs, a powergaming tourist :-). This means that I don't really get immersed in a role, the character I'm playing is still basically me, wandering around and looking at cool places and doing interesting things. I had the same problem with the SCA, whereas many people run off and invent a detailed persona for themselves, I was looking for a persona that was basically me, thrown back 500-600 years or so. Maybe it's something that would come with more live RP experience ... maybe I'll make some time for it in the UK :)

Finally, as rwrylsin mentioned elsewhere, I have "inherited" her Psion (a book-sized PDA, with decent-sized screen and keyboard). It can run Nethack. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I'm also working out if I can get general Net access with it, using my mobile as the modem (need GPRS access for the phone, which I suspect I don't have yet). If I can do that, I know Opera (web browser) is available for it, and I'm sure there's a telnet/ssh client available. Bwahahahaha ! Be even more afraid than you were just a few sentences ago ...

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