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State of the House ...

So, two weeks living in our new house, how are we going ?
Well, the kitchen is in a pretty good state now - all boxes cleared, all of the useful stuff has been put away somewhere - maybe not neccessarily to the final organised spot, but reasonably tidy, at least.
The lounge/dining area still has boxes, but floor is emerging rapidly, and we may even be at the point where we can fit in a sofa once we buy one. The bedroom has one last stubborn box - maybe I'll tackle that tonight. The computer rooms have varying amounts of boxes i.e. mine has lots, rwrylsin's is mostly tidy :-)

And the book unpacking is somewhat stalled, our bookcases are full - about 20 shelf-metres taken, and we're only up to K or so in the fiction books, and only a box or two out in non-fiction. rwrylsin keeps muttering about "weeding", but I am unfamiliar with this concept applied to my our books :-)

The garden, fortunately, is well-establised and only needed some taming so that we could actually walk around it safely (and the clothes hoist is free again). Next weekend I'll be building our compost bins, and looking at the uneven paved area at the back and making tutting noises at it.

And finally, my workshop area should soon be tidy, I have pegboard, blank wall space, and a drill ... muahahaha ! There's also some painting to be done in and around some cupboards and wardrobes, and staining to finish off on some shelves and drawers, but that should all be manageable over the next few months.

After 14 years in rented places, I'm still getting used to the idea of being able to make changes to the house - maybe I need to start rearranging internal walls or something to really get the feel of it. All in all, though, I'm very happy with it.

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