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Driving to work ...

Today's lesson is that I definitely don't want to ever drive to work on a regular basis.
Technically, I wasn't driving to (and from) work, I was dropping the car off to be serviced, and the service place happens to be 1km or so away from my workplace. Anyway, the drive in was ok, but took about 50 minutes. The drive home was very very slow going - 20ish km in about 70 minutes. From here, it's much quicker to take the train (about 40 minutes, door-to-door) or cycle (about 45-50 minutes, plus shower-and-changing time when I arrive at work).
Fortunately, the car is happy again (routine service, plus replacing the timing belt - it's at the age where, depending on how the previous owner drove it, it may or may not have needed doing, and we know how expensive it is to deal with if it isn't done in time and goes wrong from our previous car in the UK), and I can get back to efficient commuting (one way gets me fit, the other way gets lots of reading done - the car just gets me bored and/or frustrated).

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